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  • Renaissance brings to you inspiring speakers and business owners.
  • Renaissance Marin offers free networking opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • We work with other non-profits and companies to bring the best resources to our start-up community.
  • Attend our Pop-Up Cafe night event, where we bring to you a new food venture, local music and art!
  • Honored Women Entrepreneurs at She Made it in Marin
  • Award Winners for She Made it in Marin 2014
  • Our Community Waiters for She Made it in Marin 2014


“After taking the business planning course, I’m now aware of all the food codes, labels, details and budget that go into a business plan. I feel more confident when I talk to investors or other restaurant experts in the industry. It has also helped me to be 100% focused.”
Carlos Rosas, Barrio
“The social media marketing class with Claudio taught me so much about the possibilities of reaching a larger audience with the right online strategy. I’ve begun to put into practices some of the things I’ve learned in the class, and have already increased my Facebook page ‘likes’ by 25% and counting!”
Donna Carroll, Ecstatic Dance University
“The 14 week business planning class is a deep dive into creating a solid plan for my new venture, Ecstatic Dance University. As a 6 year veteran business, I have experienced the loneliness and frustration of trying to do it all on my own without a map. The business planning class is a fantastic way to surround myself with a peer group of amazing people who share similar challenges and the same desire as I do — to be a successful entrepreneur.”
Donna Carroll, Ecstatic Dance University
“Sound Business advice coupled with a nurturing business location.”
Paul Tasner, PulpWorks, Inc.
“Renaissance Center has provided the resources and guidance to start my business and has increased the probability that the business will succeed long-term.”
Arthur Chang, Drums & Crumbs
“I was really lucky to come upon Renaissance Marin.  They have guided and encouraged me in so many ways.  I began working in the public work space in February and immediately noticed I was getting so much more work done.  In every way — supportive atmosphere, strategic planning, loan consulting and networking, Renaissance Center Marin has urged both me and my business to grow.”
Mary Ann Maggiore, Consultant to Young Adults & their Families